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Do things smell better if your nose is held high?

I came across the most curious discussion.  I searched for a watercolorist presentation and discussion group on one of the popular artistic media websites.  What I stumbled into was an intense debate on the subject of “who *really* is an artist.”

It started with a discussion over whether a piece of work which was predominately watercolors but also included some ink lines was *really* watercolor art?  That moved on to discussions concerning *how much* of the work was ink and how much watercolors (ah, the artist ink police!).  Not stopping there, the discussion went one about whether one should use a pencil sketch as an underdrawing, and if one did were they *really* a watercolor painter.

That wasn’t the end.  The next subject concerned why watercolorists represented only about 10% of the marketable art world.  (Internecine fighting would be my answer)  Another way to interpret that was “are watercolors really art?”

So here’s what comes to mind.  Watercolors in basic sets are available to most kindergarten children, just as water-soluble finger paints are available.  The argument seems to be that if the medium is available at the kindergarten level, anything produced with that medium is probably not *serious art.*

Oh balderdash (I cleaned that up).  The result can be art regardless of how it is produced.  I would tell my new colleagues to stop trying to be so full of themselves, or to paraphrase Laura Ingraham — shut up and paint, don’t worry about what you use.


An amazing turn

Well, for those of you who have followed these posts, I got off into graphite (pencil) sketching to try to learn composition and shading for my photography work, then moved into colored pencils to add a bit of ‘pizazz’ to the drawings.  Then for whatever reason possessed me I did two things: (1) I now have the ability to focus stack which I want to do with landscapes, and (2) I have ventured off into painting.  Well painting is a bit of an overstatement.  What I did was practice with digital art in various fashions, then try to move to acrylics with about an even split of good and bad technique results.  So now, of course, I am on my way to trying watercolors.  These are the images I have produced digitally (using photoshop brushes and pens), and the Spanish Mission one will be attempted in watercolors.  So stay tuned …