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Flat Rock (NC) Fall

Well, I still haven’t returned to a whole lot of photography, but I did recently create a pretty decent video summarizing some of my talents’ work in teaching Rumba (they took a couple of years off to recuperate).  During those years I dabbled off into painting.  This is my latest watercolor — my impression of the visitors center at the [Carl] Sandburg Estate [the American poet] in Flat Rock North Carolina.

For the moment, I am continuing in the painting medium with perhaps a chance to return to photography later (my test shots recently have been very different and concentrate on light more than ever).

So — for the moment — Flat Rock Fall

Flat Rock Fall 100dpi

Full version is here

We used this for our personal Thanksgiving cards.



PS – for other Fall themed pictures fall paintings for sale


Payin’ the rent

Every now and then I need to produce a post which shows potential buyers how to find the formatted pdf files from which they can produce their own A2 sized (e.g. Avery 8315) notecards.  I have them on sellfy and although these are not hot linked, the link is listed correctly in this screenshot.  Here for example is the hotlink to “Old Glory.”  And this link may show you the complete product catalog.  Read the descriptions carefully because some of the products are pdf files for full-sized photos.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.00.14 AM

If a tree falls in the woods …

Tree Trunks Composition_small

… will someone see it?  OK that’s a hokey paraphrase, but I stumbled upon this very interesting sight while exploring Florida’s St. George Island.  The tree seemed now dead, but looks as though it lived awhile after it fell — enough so it could try to wind around the upright trunk, which appears to also be dead.  The interesting sinuous shape caught my eye but I didn’t think much of the photo until I realized the dead shrub in the left foreground added a whole lot of visual tension to the image.  A full version is in my Florida Landscapes and Seascapes gallery.

Fall Color

Red Maple_small

Fall is all about color to me; a moment of visual spender before the stark black and white of winter sets in.  This photo was taken near Flat Rock, North Carolina, of a red maple in the brilliant sunshine of a clear Fall day.  I like the patterns and the limited color palette.  Larger version is here and it shows the interlacing of the leaves and the tree trunks.  Have a look.