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The Red Barn

As I noted in my previous posts, I am really having a challenge with selection a true watercolor technique with which I am comfortable.  So far, my efforts are somewhat frustrating – showing promise, but not quite ready for prime time if you catch my drift.

Meanwhile, as images come to mind, I found that I am getting much better at simulating the watercolor wet on wet effect digitally.  Starting with Photoshop elements, a mouse, and a new white photoshop “canvas” and background layer, I was able to create this image.  A larger version is here.


Barn small.


Fall Color

Red Maple_small

Fall is all about color to me; a moment of visual spender before the stark black and white of winter sets in.  This photo was taken near Flat Rock, North Carolina, of a red maple in the brilliant sunshine of a clear Fall day.  I like the patterns and the limited color palette.  Larger version is here and it shows the interlacing of the leaves and the tree trunks.  Have a look.