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This is my sketch of Ingrid Bergman as she appeared in Casablanca — a movie I have always found to be as much about style as about acting and writing.  The gallery is posted at this link — here.  I think this will be my last of the classic movie stars — unless something or someone particularly inspires me.  I have branched out into landscapes drawn from imagination and enjoy doing those, but more importantly, I feel I am now ready to go back to black and white photography and see what I can produce.  Meanwhile friends “we’ll always have Paris.”  (grin)



Lucille Ball

I continue my journey into sketching with this rendition of Lucille Ball taken from a profile photo of her early in her career.  The text on my gallery image, here, explains more about the closer than usual connection I have with Lucy and is a cleaned up version of the small image shown below.  But this post is about my sketching, not  Lucille Ball.  I may have reached the top of my meager game in terms of these profile and full face drawings – and what a learning curve it has been.  As noted before, it has really provided much instruction to my eye in terms of “shades of gray” which I intend to put to good us in my photography efforts.  I need to branch back to landscapes as there is a real challenge I have in that area concerning “suggesting” what should be seen rather than trying to depict each tiny detail.  Will keep everyone posted.

Lucy Sketch_small


I continue trying to progress in the ability to render sketches.  Not really where I want to be yet, but making advances from time to time.  The side benefit of trying to learn how to see and render various shades of gray with pencils, various blending tools, and shear luck at times is that I now can see a color scene in terms of its tonality whereas before I merely saw different colors.  I’m close to making  a side trip back into some B&W photography and see if any new skill has transferred over, but in the meantime, here is my latest.

I think Greta Garbo was one of the most photogenic movie stars in Hollywood.  She was one of the golden era stars where, regardless of what they did ‘off camera’ so to speak, social custom and strong studio PR departments produced the essence of glamour.  I intend to return to Garbo in different ages and poses as I find them because I think her face works so well in sketches.   The gallery version is here.


Wild Bill Hickok

Next in my series of Wild West characters is James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok.  From an image standpoint, Hickok is quite interesting.  His jaw line is quite prominent and leads to a somewhat pointed chin.  The eyes, like all these ‘dudes’ have a cold, hard stare with less pupil showing than expected.  Interesting folks.


Been a long time

Its been a long time since I posted.  For those of you who follow this you know that I went through a very long photography dry spell.  So long, it turns out, that I spent my time learning a new medium.  Now I admit I am not all that good, but in learning how to do pencil sketches I learned a lot about tonal values in gray scale.  My black and white photography has popped because of the knowledge (although I have nothing yet to post in that format).

I was taken by the graphite pencil artists who could render an image in near photographic quality.  My studies showed  they were able to produce as much (or more than) nine values within a gray scale — white being the tenth.  My instruction and ability so far allows me to produce four shades of gray.

So – my first pencil sketch – of one of my two favorite historical subjects – the American West.  This is my interpretation of a contemporary photo of Bat Masterson – lawman, gunfighter, and eventually newspaper celebrity.  More to come.  Original drawing here. More items like this here western sketches art for sale