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Payin’ the rent

Every now and then I need to produce a post which shows potential buyers how to find the formatted pdf files from which they can produce their own A2 sized (e.g. Avery 8315) notecards.  I have them on sellfy and although these are not hot linked, the link is listed correctly in this screenshot.  Here for example is the hotlink to “Old Glory.”  And this link may show you the complete product catalog.  Read the descriptions carefully because some of the products are pdf files for full-sized photos.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.00.14 AM


On our walls (2)


I promised to update you on any changes to my post about what we have on our own walls.  This grouping of three was added just this week to our living room.  All of ours are 8×8 images framed in 12×12 mats, inside 14×14 medium gray frames and look something like the small image above, although the mum is on the left and the magnolia on the right at our house.  There really is nothing special about the choice of subject, but each of the three involved some extensive post processing to attain the “glow” that each have.

Individual photo of each of these are in my gallery, Florals.  If you like floral art, you should also check out Enhanced Florals, a group of us who work with this subject matter.  As always, we appreciate any purchase you might be able to make, and we also appreciate it if you share a link to our images on your social media accounts.