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Lucille Ball

I continue my journey into sketching with this rendition of Lucille Ball taken from a profile photo of her early in her career.  The text on my gallery image, here, explains more about the closer than usual connection I have with Lucy and is a cleaned up version of the small image shown below.  But this post is about my sketching, not  Lucille Ball.  I may have reached the top of my meager game in terms of these profile and full face drawings – and what a learning curve it has been.  As noted before, it has really provided much instruction to my eye in terms of “shades of gray” which I intend to put to good us in my photography efforts.  I need to branch back to landscapes as there is a real challenge I have in that area concerning “suggesting” what should be seen rather than trying to depict each tiny detail.  Will keep everyone posted.

Lucy Sketch_small


A little nostalgia – Diane Belmont


We forget sometimes how beautiful this young lady was when she began her career as a blonde. and stayed a blonde through her days as a “Goldwyn Girl.”  This photo is likely from her start as a model, and neophyte actress using the name Diane Belmont.  In her later years became a very competent Hollywood executive, following a blockbuster career as a comedienne using her real name, Lucille Ball.  Still love ya Lucy!

I usually post a link to a photo gallery of mine when I post these teasers.  This one is not on the gallery, so how about checking out some of my still life photos at this link.