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Sketching evaluation

For those of you who followed this concept, I began around the first of February — maybe a week or so earlier — to try to teach myself how to create pencil sketches.  Access to a learning center where I lived abruptly closed this year, so that left me to figure this out by myself with the use of those youtube teaching videos I could find.

I have just about completed my first sketchbook and I can look back to see how I progressed – a kind of self evaluation in some sense.  I began sketching things I could see, and noticed I was able to produce a recognizable hand — in proportion and with appropriate shading — right out of the barn.

I progressed to some landscape scenes and discovered that I was very heavy-handed with a pencil.  I had to go back and learn pencil use skills, something I figured I had conquered in first grade.  Pencil skills included the ability to reproduce four shades of gray which along with the white of the paper would give me five B&W tones.  That turned out to be quite a challenge which took a couple of weeks to conquer.

I progressed to portraits and found I had a real problem with proportions of the human body – I call this my “cubist” period.  It was necessary to study each component of the face (overall shape, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears) individually.  It took quite a while to reach adequacy.

At that point my sketches began to look like human beings, just not the people I was drawing.  More practice and study led me to the concept of a very light sketch underlaying the sketch itself.  I knew painters often sketched a rough out of their work before applying paint, but it never occurred to me that a pencil drawing required the same thing — or at least in my case looked better if I did.

I discovered that all of this work about ways to affix a range of tones to the drawing really improved my photographers eye for lighting a black and white photograph.  And I also found that I can interpret a scene in color as gray shades, something quite new for me.

I’m returning to landscape drawings, but for those interested here is a link to those sketches I thought were good enough to post on my photography webpage.


African Iris


Florals are something of a “subject for an overcast day” for me, as you can see by looking over my florals catalog here.  They are fun to take, and I always marvel that some of the same lighting and post-processing touch-up techniques are used for florals as for portraits.  The african iris, above, was taken on — yes — a heavily overcast day.  I used a tripod as I almost always do now, and the other camera specs are in the description of the image in the gallery at the link above.  As I noted, for me, this is probably the best separation of blossom from background that I have done … and in the end photography is about improvement of skills I believe, so I am happy with it.  The only real “Wow” factor is the image is that it scales to four feet by four feet if someone ever wanted an image of an iris that large.  It was fun, and I will certainly take more flower images on the next overcast day.

Florida Seascapes


With the addition of this image, which I called “Atlantic Dawn from St. Augustine Beach” I have reorganized my gallery list to include a single gallery for Florida Seascapes and Waterscapes.  Have a look at just those images by clicking here.  Thanks.  Added sunrise images from other photographers and artists can be viewed at sunrise photographs for sale

Meanwhile, back at the mo-tel …

Its time to upgrade my digital single lens reflex.  I have used Pentax for many years, in fact getting started with Pentax when it was owned by my employer Honeywell (we wanted the imaging technology for star-trackers).  That is long past, but with an investment in lenses and accessories that were targeted to the Pentax line, I stayed with the Pentax brand.  As you probably know, Pentax went more or less independent, and didn’t do too well, then merged with Hoya whom you may know from their photographic filters line … and has been fairly recently purchased by Ricoh.  I personally think Ricoh will turn Pentax back into a cutting edge digital imaging product, but its time for me to move over to one of the two leaders: Nikon or Canon.  I’ll tell you which and why in a later post.

In the meantime, there are many of us ranging from serious hobbiests to small business people trying to make the occasional sale or two in the photographic arts line.  I’m going to share the various groups I work with on this blog over the next few posts, but let me start by asking you to take a look at my gallery.  Comment, share, or like as you wish … but it all helps a lot.  Thanks.

Click here for my gallery.