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This is my sketch of Ingrid Bergman as she appeared in Casablanca — a movie I have always found to be as much about style as about acting and writing.  The gallery is posted at this link — here.  I think this will be my last of the classic movie stars — unless something or someone particularly inspires me.  I have branched out into landscapes drawn from imagination and enjoy doing those, but more importantly, I feel I am now ready to go back to black and white photography and see what I can produce.  Meanwhile friends “we’ll always have Paris.”  (grin)



I continue trying to progress in the ability to render sketches.  Not really where I want to be yet, but making advances from time to time.  The side benefit of trying to learn how to see and render various shades of gray with pencils, various blending tools, and shear luck at times is that I now can see a color scene in terms of its tonality whereas before I merely saw different colors.  I’m close to making  a side trip back into some B&W photography and see if any new skill has transferred over, but in the meantime, here is my latest.

I think Greta Garbo was one of the most photogenic movie stars in Hollywood.  She was one of the golden era stars where, regardless of what they did ‘off camera’ so to speak, social custom and strong studio PR departments produced the essence of glamour.  I intend to return to Garbo in different ages and poses as I find them because I think her face works so well in sketches.   The gallery version is here.


Learning an old lesson

I had the pleasure of meeting Clyde Butcher at the Mainsail Arts Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida in the early 1990s I believe.  Clyde was just beginning to get some exposure for his superb work in black and white capturing south Florida landscapes.  Later I recall reading a comment by Clyde that when he first started as a photographer he realized his “art” work wasn’t selling, so he paired it up with a clock mechanism.   I guess his theory was that a buyer did not necessarily want a fine art photo from an unknown photographer, but might be willing to buy a clock for the wall which just happened to have the photographer’s work in the background.

Now if you have read some of my posts, you realize I do not consider myself a practitioner of “fine” arts at all — perhaps I am more of a crafter, fashioning what I consider a pleasing image from both the camera work and the digital darkroom.

But I have stumbled on featuring the work I do on useful (more or less) decor objects: items like beach towels, tote bags, smartphone cases, and the like.  I thought I might resent having to do that sort of thing, but it turns out I really enjoy it.

For example – I feature this image in square format for some objects and in 2:1 aspect for others.   I think it makes an extremely attractive beach or poolside towel, and in square format a beach tote.  John Sunset 1-2_small

Desert Noon

Another in my latest series.  A minimalist impression of the noon time sun in the heat and dust of a sandstorm.  I encountered these from time to time in Arizona.  I wanted to capture the oppressive nature of noon-time in the desert … where it was always good to find some shade for a few hours.  And hopefully have a couple of bottles of water around, as it is very, very dry there.

Others are on this digital minimalist thread and you can find them at minimalist digital art for sale

For all of the products I have with this image, check here.

Desert Noon small


Sunset 2 small

Weird title, I know.  But this has been a long, long period of little if any creative ideas.

So I took a course in art.  Obviously I do not have the muscle coordination skills of an artist, although I was at one time fairly good at mechanical drawing.  But my short familiarization session seems to have unleashed my sense of — get this – color!

I had always been interested in pattern and form in photography; color came along by accident.  I seem to have awakened an interest in color nowadays — lots of it.

So I experimented with some digital graphic drawing ideas.  There are more floating around in the gray matter and I will get to them as time allows.  Meanwhile – here is Sunset 2.

For those interested in digital art, check out digital art for sale.

As my ideas come to mind, here is another in the set this time in shades of tan.

Dawn over Apalachicola Bay

Dawn Appalach BayDawn Appalach Bay_Small

A favorite image technically a seascape I suppose but I think it works some as a minimalist image.  Please take a look at the larger version.  By the way, this a copy of this photo is mounted on our home dining room wall.

I enjoy photographing my home state, Florida, and have a number of landscape and seascape images here.  Please take a look.

Other artists and photographers have the same interest.  Check out some of there work at florida photos.

UPDATE — One of the things I truly love about this little “hobby” of mine is the chance to learn new techniques.  The challenge I faced in the photograph above was to render the deep red of the sunrise while at the same time show the interior lighting of the foreground restaurant on the print version.  The restaurant lighting was originally visible only in backlit versions such as those we see on our computer.  I had settled on a print version of the image which overexposed the background and sky in order to see the restaurant.  I believe my new version at the left renders the scene in print much more closely to the original image.

Myrna Loy

MyrnaLoy_SmallI guess I am on my classic movie  mindset.  This is a scan of an early career portrait of actress Myrna Loy — whom Cary Grant described as “the wife we all want” — and to the best of my knowledge the image is public domain.  In some ways this is a photographic study image — an absolutely beautiful, IMHO, portrait showing the art of photography, and in another way it is a demonstration of the craft side of making photographic images.  While I cannot take any credit for the artistic side, I do for the craft side.  Blemishes which happen over time and by nature of scanning were removed from the image, it was digitally enlarged, and the tonal range was expanded to produce what I find to be a superb demonstration of the craft side of photographic images (and yes, I’m patting myself on the back a bit).  Take a look at the full version here.