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East Coast Swing

And to pay the bills … just a quick video posted to Augustine Social Dance on youtube.  The video was made as a means of testing the capabilities of my DSLR for dance instruction videography, but we decided to go ahead and post it to the YouTube channel of dance instructor John Augustine.  I need to bring up that John was at one time and may still be a DanceVision certified dance instructor — it is rare to have a professional instructor for casual or social dance instruction.  Have a look, ignore the part where the camera tipped on the tripod, and enjoy John’s teaching style.  Video here.


New Salsa DVD Trailer – Ka-boom!

Well, I have been quite busy these past few weeks first “video-ing” the instructional details for Salsa, the new offering from our client, Augustine Social Dance.  After filming there is the matter of editing fifteen instructional patterns, each about 6 minutes long, and then polishing up the “films” of the three demonstration dances.  Along the way we took new cover photos of the instructors, and created a DVD jewel case insert and back panel, plus a printable DVD label.  There was even some time for this, an extremely fun to produce trailer announcing the new DVD.  It was an opportunity to learn quite a lot about green and blue screen inserts, and sound effects.  I hope you enjoy it.

Intermediate Tango

Videography is taking my attention more and more these days.  If the reader looks back in the posts on my blog, you’ll recall when I switched from Pentax to Nikon, primarily for still photography.  However, backup and b-roll work were on the criteria list so I have had a chance to do my first bit of testing with the Nikon D3300.  First lesson was … when using the built in mic the result contains a lot of lens mechanism noise.  However, on second test that may have been my unfamiliarity with the focus following technique … I think I was trying to re-initialize the lens focus too often.  Second test with a Sony bluetooth mic on talent was quite successful, and the third test using the camera’s mic but with camera on tripod in low light conditions was much success.  So much so that I will try to switch exclusively to the Nikon for our upcoming Salsa lesson DVD filming.

Meanwhile, here is the latest short we did at the end of November’s intermediate Tango classes.

Experimental Video

Ozello Pan SMALL

I have an experimental video on youtube of this photo.  The video is here.

The camera slowly pans across the image, and the background music tries to set the mood of a hot humid summer day as a storm builds in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Generally I like the effect, but I did notice that the resolution of the photo is reduce as I Ken Burns’d the zooms.  I guess they would have been better done in camera.  Otherwise, an interesting step I think.

Later note: in fixing the transitions for the long pan, I inadvertently hosed up the time of the closing credits.  I’ll leave it alone as there is no way to replace a youtube video that I know of, just a remove and add new.  Part of it is the “helpfulness” of iMovie 11.  I do not use the iMovie 11 Mavericks update as it makes it next to impossible for me to create the kind of film flow I want.  So I backed down to the iMovie 11 update and got bolixed up with changing the time on the closing fade to black. Oh well …

Free Dance Lessons


I have often touted (yes, touted) the fact that West Florida Video Arts’ primary business is selling ballroom dance instructional DVDs for the beginner and continuing beginner (aka intermediate) level *social* dancer.  We do not try to turn anyone into a competition level dancer.

But do you know that the Augustines (John & Kathy, our instructors) offer some lessons free on their youtube channel?  First, here is a link to John Augustines youtube channel.  Now by searching down that channel you will find some promotional material for our DVDs … and I think some of them are fun to watch, such as this one.

By digging a little further you will find quite a number of free lessons, either in the QuickTip series of posts, or the Seabreeze Sessions posts, or even some others.  Here is a good example of a FREE lesson, this one relating to West Coast Swing.

So check out the videos … once we reach a respectable volume of hits per day on the videos we can begin to film more lessons to put in the free category.

Jingle Bells … and all that fun stuff.

DVD_List  DVD_List_pg2

Just want to remind everyone that our primary business is producing ballroom dance instructional DVDs — and yes, our instructions are for the beginner and introductory intermediate level dancer.  We want you to feel comfortable as a *social* dancer, and are not trying to teach competition level dancing.

If you expect to attend a holiday party this year, and would like just a little dance lesson in your own home before you go, try our Rumba DVD and concentrate on the first five lessons … you will be able to get a basic capability to enjoy this social activity.

If you expect the party to be more lively, do the same thing with our East Coast Swing DVD … the first five easy lessons will give you the basic, easy to learn skills you need for this dance which fits with pop music quite nicely.

Plus – our dance instruction DVDs make an excellent small gift for the holidays.

To purchase a DVD please click here.