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Still Learning

Time passes — things get learned.

I have the updated Mac working remarkably well considering how things started.  The only remaining issues are just a few related to the video production part of the business.  I do have this to say to Apple —  “No, that wasn’t intuitively easy; in fact I had to make great use of the great advantage of internet postings: learning from others who had the same problem.”

Along the way I found I have a new website.  Have a look at this link.

And for those of us who used Quicken 2005 (the old one which ran under Rosetta because it was coded for the PPC chip) and didn’t want to change because we had a lot of personal and small business records in Quicken going back many years and their reporting worked just fine — Intuit does have a solution which isn’t totally obvious from searching their website.  Quicken 2007 had been updated to run on the post Snow Leopard Mac computers – Check this intuit page.