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A little nostalgia – Diane Belmont


We forget sometimes how beautiful this young lady was when she began her career as a blonde. and stayed a blonde through her days as a “Goldwyn Girl.”  This photo is likely from her start as a model, and neophyte actress using the name Diane Belmont.  In her later years became a very competent Hollywood executive, following a blockbuster career as a comedienne using her real name, Lucille Ball.  Still love ya Lucy!

I usually post a link to a photo gallery of mine when I post these teasers.  This one is not on the gallery, so how about checking out some of my still life photos at this link.


Myrna Loy

MyrnaLoy_SmallI guess I am on my classic movie  mindset.  This is a scan of an early career portrait of actress Myrna Loy — whom Cary Grant described as “the wife we all want” — and to the best of my knowledge the image is public domain.  In some ways this is a photographic study image — an absolutely beautiful, IMHO, portrait showing the art of photography, and in another way it is a demonstration of the craft side of making photographic images.  While I cannot take any credit for the artistic side, I do for the craft side.  Blemishes which happen over time and by nature of scanning were removed from the image, it was digitally enlarged, and the tonal range was expanded to produce what I find to be a superb demonstration of the craft side of photographic images (and yes, I’m patting myself on the back a bit).  Take a look at the full version here.



Yes, I am an old movie fan (err perhaps I should say fan of old movies).  In 2010 this stamp was available from the USPS.  I was immediately taken with it, and saw an oddly Andy Warhol like result when I photographed it.  The image is black and white with a color halo, and includes a surprise when you look carefully at a full sized image.  Enjoy here.