Monthly Archives: May 2018

Painting versus photography

I’m sure hundreds of people have discussed this subject, and at least half of them are more qualified in terms of their backgrounds to render an opinion than I am.  I want to wade in with one comment though since, as you recall, I began the journey first into drawing and then to painting to try to improve my photographic work.  I managed to capture one image, the previously posted ‘Mare and Foal,’ which satisfied my concept of a creative photograph.  Lately, I put together this painting — watercolor — of the Bath House at Paris Mountain State Park, in the upstate area of South Carolina.  While I think I could have done a better job of painting the lower right quadrant of the image, it is — to me at least — better than the photograph where that area is a blacktopped parking lot.  I had relegated the photograph to the “back files” of images, but I am much more pleased, at least conceptually, with the painting.  Whether photography or painting — the idea to me is to capture the mood of a place rather than the detail.  I find it a little easier to use my photograph as reference and paint, perhaps because going out and twisting myself in unusual positions to frame the shot properly is more difficult now.  Here is a small version of “Bath House, Paris Mountain” and the larger version is on my website here.  The original image is watercolor, 14 x 10, on 140# paper.

Bath House 100dpi