Monthly Archives: December 2017

Sabal Palm – Payne’s Prairie

I have been trying to zero in a bit on what drives my decision concerning whether I should publish an image as a photograph or as a painting.  When I did this one I at least got one clue.  The painting is very close to the actual photograph but by rendering it as a painting I was able to declutter some of the vegetation and to slightly enlarge the sabal palm which is the main subject.  But indeed as I wrote in the description this image caught my eye as we were walking between two points when visiting the preserve.  The full resolution image is here.

Sabal Palm - PP - 100dpi


Mare and foal, Payne’s Prairie

Somehow I think my experimentation with fine art (watercolors and acrylics) has changed my “eye” when photographing landscapes.  I’m not totally sure yet what the change is, but it has something to do with the overall “feel” of the image.  We recently travelled to Payne’s Prairie State Park in Micanopy Florida (just a bit south of Gainesville) and arrived on a day the wild horse herd was near the observation tower.  The ranger told us that the previous day the wild buffalo herd was nearby.  I was able to capture this scene of a new foal being led to a short grass area by the mare.  The main herd “off camera” to the left of the viewer where the grass was almost as tall as the horses.

We printed a 16 x 12 (300dpi) version of this image and have it on one of our living room walls above a small table lamp.  When the lamp is on, the image literally glows.  The 300dpi version can be seen here.

New Foal - Payne's Prairie 100dpi