Monthly Archives: June 2017

Mountains and Trees

Although I have take a few photographs since my last posting, none have been really interesting in terms of “good art or craft.”  However, I continue honing the few skills I have sketching.  My two latest are “St. Peter’s Dome” and an original sketch of a bare tree which was then manipulated in PSE to produce a long winter shadow.  I was asked to turn that last on into a note card, and the pdf file which will print notecards from the Tree in Winter image is located here.

Tree in Winter is not yet on my pixels page.

Tree in Snow small

My other effort which is on pixels in its full size at this location is “St. Peter’s Dome,” a graphite pencil sketch on 60 # paper.  It was an interesting exercise in tonal range, a subject which still gives me ‘issues.’  The image was rendered from a photograph of Colorado’s St. Peter’s Dome mountainous area.

St. Peters Dome Small