Been a long time

Its been a long time since I posted.  For those of you who follow this you know that I went through a very long photography dry spell.  So long, it turns out, that I spent my time learning a new medium.  Now I admit I am not all that good, but in learning how to do pencil sketches I learned a lot about tonal values in gray scale.  My black and white photography has popped because of the knowledge (although I have nothing yet to post in that format).

I was taken by the graphite pencil artists who could render an image in near photographic quality.  My studies showed  they were able to produce as much (or more than) nine values within a gray scale — white being the tenth.  My instruction and ability so far allows me to produce four shades of gray.

So – my first pencil sketch – of one of my two favorite historical subjects – the American West.  This is my interpretation of a contemporary photo of Bat Masterson – lawman, gunfighter, and eventually newspaper celebrity.  More to come.  Original drawing here. More items like this here western sketches art for sale



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