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Desert Noon

Another in my latest series.  A minimalist impression of the noon time sun in the heat and dust of a sandstorm.  I encountered these from time to time in Arizona.  I wanted to capture the oppressive nature of noon-time in the desert … where it was always good to find some shade for a few hours.  And hopefully have a couple of bottles of water around, as it is very, very dry there.

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Desert Noon small



Sunset 2 small

Weird title, I know.  But this has been a long, long period of little if any creative ideas.

So I took a course in art.  Obviously I do not have the muscle coordination skills of an artist, although I was at one time fairly good at mechanical drawing.  But my short familiarization session seems to have unleashed my sense of — get this – color!

I had always been interested in pattern and form in photography; color came along by accident.  I seem to have awakened an interest in color nowadays — lots of it.

So I experimented with some digital graphic drawing ideas.  There are more floating around in the gray matter and I will get to them as time allows.  Meanwhile – here is Sunset 2.

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As my ideas come to mind, here is another in the set this time in shades of tan.