Monthly Archives: February 2016

Photographer’s Block Part 2

As Paul Harvey used to say “and now, the rest of the story.”  (I know, I’m the only geezer here old enough to remember Paul Harvey’s radio broadcasts).

I did the change of locale trick, taking a short vacation to Surfside Beach, SC.  While there I took many photographs — none I will say consisted of especially new techniques or image ideas, but the experience seemed to get the creative portion my brain restarted (regardless of how small that part might be, some would say).

I posted a skyline image of Myrtle Beach here.  Its a combination of photography and photoshop, but creates a kind of other worldly look to the image.  I also have this composition taken at Atalaya Castle, Huntington Beach State Park, SC.  The tonality and textures got my interest.  High resolution version is here.Atalaya 3_small

Moreover, I have an interesting idea that may allow me to directly print from an inkjet onto wood veneer.  I’ll post here how that idea works.

But to summarize, apparently there is a kind of creative block (be it photographer, novelist, poet, or for all I know quilter, clay thrower, or any similar endeavor).  The mind seems to circle in on itself and revisit neural paths already used, get tired of that circularity, and essentially go into pilot mode.

We look for something to wake up the creative pilot flame in our minds.