Monthly Archives: January 2016

Photographer’s Block

I have spent some months now with not a single really creative idea for photography.  Sure, I had to take a month out for a medical crisis with an aging parent, but its more than just a time issue.  Its as if the right side of my brain has decided to take a vacation, creativity supposedly existing in the right hemisphere.

Yes, I made a couple of half-hearted attempts to use photoshop in new ways on some past work, just to see what the result was — but I felt this effort was more busy-work than anything else.

So I ‘googled’ the exact phrase “photographer’s block” and found 8,090 hits — when I finish this post I guess it will be the 8,091st.  At least it is reassuring to learn that others have experienced the doldrums of a creative or idea block.

I read a few of the articles and suggestions, which seemed to me in many cases to be kinds of pop psychology for photographers.  I wonder if the determination about whether one trick works or not is in fact a matter of chance.

One idea did seem to have merit — and its one I will try.  That idea is to make a forced change of locale — look at and experience something new and different to see if the mind can be stimulated back into productive ideas.

We’ll see.  I will report back.  Has anyone else experienced this condition?  Any suggestions on how to find a way out?