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The Speckled Butterbean


An image of the former “Speckled Butterbean,” a down-home, backroads Florida, buffet style restaurant.  I have no idea how long it was at this location, but it no longer exists.  The building was purchased, the Butterbean torn down, and a “modern” strip mall is being built in its place.  Progess?  I suppose that depends on one’s definition.  But we are losing our past to development, and I find that quite sad.

If you click on the image, you can access a full-sized version.  Please credit “Photo by John Bennett” if you use the image.  Thanks.


Jones Gap State Park

Jones Gap Creek_small Middle Saluda_small

I have long been a fan of the Hudson River School in painting.  I had two images I had taken about eight years ago in upstate South Carolina at Jones Gap Park which I didn’t like in their color version — the water was too brown looking for my tastes — although I otherwise liked the images.  However, as I have been learning how to extend the tonal range in black and white photos, I discovered that these two made rather painterly scenes in the Hudson River style.  I have consequently posted them in my gallery.  Take a look at the latest I have been doing using this black and white technique — a process I borrowed from the high dynamic range methods of photomatrix, and similar tools.  The images start here.