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Capturing emotions in scenic photographs

Clyde Butcher, an outstanding Florida photographer who works in large format black and white, has said, in effect, that a landscape photograph needs to capture an emotion as well as present the visual scene.

This image, caught as a random snap rather than more thought out scene, seems to evoke the sense of light chasing away the darkness which must be a primitive human emotion.  I posted it to my minimalism gallery, but I’m still thinking about its categorization.



Back to Space

Galactic Rose Small

I wanted to title this post — Space, the final frontier — but that phrase has been taken before.

I have decided to put back a few of my digital darkroom enhancements to NASA and JPL images, which are all public domain images.  I am choosing (OK, technically curating) those images which work in other artistic styles, like the minimalism of the Pluto Blue Skies image.

Take a look at the gallery here, and check back often as I add items.

Just added “Jupiter Quadratic” so take a peek.  Thanks.

And now have added an abstract crop of the red spot on Jupiter.  Take a look.