Something new has been added

I have added something new to the “sales” arm of this little venture of mine.  We have several of my images in our home gallery as part of our decor, and I realized that when I went to have some of the large gallery wrapped canvas prints made, I essentially went price shopping.  I think anyone who is willing to buy my photography should have the same right.  So I have begun to add a link to make it possible for the buyer to purchase a download of the image and then shop around to find the place they want to have it printed themselves.  They might also recrop the image into a format more acceptable to their needs.

It will take me some time to get the raw files ready, but I will note the URL in the descriptions as I get the download link ready.  Since this is new, I am offering the downloadable images at a dramatic discount so act quickly as prices will return to my usual commission soon.  At this time I have these five linked to a download URL (the link is posted in the description — sorry but you’ll have to copy and paste it when you find it) — El Mirador (spectacular in 24 x 36), Mabre Bleu, Fountain in the Woods, Windmark Beach, and All’s RIght With the World.


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