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Last turn of the century yacht image

For the time being at least, this is the last image I plan to colorize of turn of the century sailing yachts.  This one is of the ‘Puritan.’  The collection at my gallery makes an attractive nautical themed display.


A full-sized download the the colorized file may be purchases here.


New Gallery – Sailing, Yachts, Sailboats

I have created a new gallery – a small collection of colorized public domain photos of yachts from the classic age of sail.  These make beautiful prints.  Please check the gallery here.  Fine Art America has several artists and photographers working similar themes which you might like to view at this link:sailing photographs for sale

Schooner Fortuna 1892

Fortuna 1892 Small

Still on my exercise of colorizing public domain black and whites.  This is the Schooner Fortuna, original photo taken in 1892, and I especially like the play of gradient in the sky.  A print may be purchased here, or a download of the full sized colorized image may be purchase here.

The Yacht Aloha


Apparently I am off on a bender concerning the age of sail.  This started out as a public domain black and white image of what must be a painting of the yacht named Aloha.  I produced three versions of the B&W image, to create three tone ranges, and combined them with the software product photomatrix essentials.  After that the tone-mapped image was picked up in photoshop elements 11 and colorized.  After colorization, the image was converted to jpg and both a surface blur created and then a duplicate image overlayed using the soft lighting option cut back to about 50%.  I think the result looks very much like a Currier & Ives print.  Photographic prints and related items are here, and a download of the result in full resolution is here.

Grayling in Color

Grayling E2 Colorized_smallI

It gave me a great deal of pleasure to create this colorized version of the “Grayling” photograph.  The original, which is in the public domain, was cropped, age blemishes removed, and colorized.  And all this was done by someone who really dislikes colorized black and white movies … at least now I know why.  The movie owners, Turner Classic Movies for example, oversaturate their colorized versions making them look fake.  I hope I have “toned down” the intensity here and the result is reasonably enjoyable.  If makes a great print or canvas. or just purchase a download of the original colorized version.

Something new has been added

I have added something new to the “sales” arm of this little venture of mine.  We have several of my images in our home gallery as part of our decor, and I realized that when I went to have some of the large gallery wrapped canvas prints made, I essentially went price shopping.  I think anyone who is willing to buy my photography should have the same right.  So I have begun to add a link to make it possible for the buyer to purchase a download of the image and then shop around to find the place they want to have it printed themselves.  They might also recrop the image into a format more acceptable to their needs.

It will take me some time to get the raw files ready, but I will note the URL in the descriptions as I get the download link ready.  Since this is new, I am offering the downloadable images at a dramatic discount so act quickly as prices will return to my usual commission soon.  At this time I have these five linked to a download URL (the link is posted in the description — sorry but you’ll have to copy and paste it when you find it) — El Mirador (spectacular in 24 x 36), Mabre Bleu, Fountain in the Woods, Windmark Beach, and All’s RIght With the World.