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East Coast Swing

And to pay the bills … just a quick video posted to Augustine Social Dance on youtube.  The video was made as a means of testing the capabilities of my DSLR for dance instruction videography, but we decided to go ahead and post it to the YouTube channel of dance instructor John Augustine.  I need to bring up that John was at one time and may still be a DanceVision certified dance instructor — it is rare to have a professional instructor for casual or social dance instruction.  Have a look, ignore the part where the camera tipped on the tripod, and enjoy John’s teaching style.  Video here.


Grayling 1885

Grayling Edit1_small

A public domain image, original in NYPL, of the Grayling, dated 1885.  I have color corrected the image, cropped to square formate, and enhanced the tonal range.  I find it very attractive.  See a larger sized version here.

In my own home

I’m starting a new annotation to my images as shown on my web pages at FAA, noting the images that I have framed in our own home and my reaction to them.  Everyone’s home, color schemes, and tastes are different but I thought some of the image browsers might be interested in what I see in the images.  I started with this one.

And we have Atlantic Dawn and Sunset from St. George Island.  They are displayed as a companion pair because of their compatible colors and subject.

Plus we have a grouping of B&W photos which include these two from my gallery: Cloud One, and Cracker Cabin.

These two are framed and hung side by side in a large grouping of six photographs.  I like them together because the whites are quite striking in the prints.  Snowy Woods and Pear Trees.  I always think of Bradford Pears blossoms as “snow” anyway.

This one I have framed on my office wall.  Mabre Bleu.

Winter on the Beach is framed and paired with a white sand dune and sea grass image which is not in my gallery.  But Winter on the Beach is a personal favorite.

St. George Island Grass Flats is an image I use to perfect a process for image transfer to wood.  So far the results are like the logo boards from old-time orange crates — not bad, but not quite what I envisioned.  It is a favorite image and I want to hone the process for the long aspect ratio images that I find truly spectacular.

El Mirador is an image that Mrs B and I absolutely love.  Because of space limitations I created a slightly cropped version of the image you see at the link, available on Fine Art America, and we will soon have a 36 x 24 gallery-wrapped canvas version of El Mirador as the centerpiece in our dining room.