Monthly Archives: April 2015

Cloud One

Cloud One_small

I have been working on a blog entry about the ‘science and art’ of how to crop or size a photograph and I stumbled upon recasting this image, originally titled “Simply Blue”, as a strong black and white (its actually simulated infrared).  The drama of the single cloud reflecting sunlight and shadow just about everywhere one looks in the photo was amazing to me.  I hope you enjoy it.  The larger version is here.  And other seascape prints can be viewed at the following link. seascape prints for sale


Running Before the Storm


I sometimes play around with digitally altering photographs to produce what, to me at least, is a more pleasing work of art.  “Running Before the Storm” is one of those items.  The horizon clouds were burned in post to darken them and produce a more menacing look to the overall scene.  The ship itself was sharpened, the hull color saturated in order to catch the viewers eye, and the smoke emanating from the ship was slightly burned in to show more distinctly to the viewer.   I felt it was necessary to used this size, nearly panoramic, in order to suggest the fragility of ships at sea.  I hope you enjoy it.  The larger version is here.

Patterns of light


I was quite entranced by the play of color, pattern, light, and shadow while sitting in the Centrum on deck four on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas.  This image looks upward, and if I recall correctly the topmost deck seen in the photo is deck 10.  It was an impressive display of light and pattern and I tried to capture it.  My larger version can be seen here.