Atlantic Waves 102


This is something of an experiment, and I ask you to click on this link to see the image as displayed at the online gallery.  Here’s why: I created the image to print out as 16″ x 50″ (200 dpi) and the fulfillment company claims they can go to twice that size with minimal loss of definition.  So this is not a print for everyone … four feet wide as I envisioned it and up to eight feet wide (and a bit over 2 1/2 feet high) at the maximum.  Now at the link above, you can position your cursor on any part of the image which will define a small box — clicking within that box expands that small portion of the print to its full size resolution.  I think you might find that experience interesting.

The image itself draws the eye left and right to examine the nature of the wave breaks and spindrift, and the unusual wave action in center pulls the eye from the mid-ground to the foreground.  Eye movement is enhanced by the expanded size of the super-large image.

As I say, not for everyone, but in the right location for the right person this will make a spectacular print.


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