African Iris


Florals are something of a “subject for an overcast day” for me, as you can see by looking over my florals catalog here.  They are fun to take, and I always marvel that some of the same lighting and post-processing touch-up techniques are used for florals as for portraits.  The african iris, above, was taken on — yes — a heavily overcast day.  I used a tripod as I almost always do now, and the other camera specs are in the description of the image in the gallery at the link above.  As I noted, for me, this is probably the best separation of blossom from background that I have done … and in the end photography is about improvement of skills I believe, so I am happy with it.  The only real “Wow” factor is the image is that it scales to four feet by four feet if someone ever wanted an image of an iris that large.  It was fun, and I will certainly take more flower images on the next overcast day.


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