Monthly Archives: February 2015

Long Leaf Pine Stand

Long Leaf Pine Stand_small

This stand of long leaf pines was in the dunes restoration area of Bruce State Park on St. George Island, Florida.  I was struck by its natural symmetry, and by the play of deep greens and blues.  Its hard for me to know whether to categorize this as seascape (technically it was taken on an island shoreline in the Gulf of Mexico), or a landscape (as the water is not visible).  A larger version is here, and I also invite you to my gallery of Florida images,  Landscape prints by other photographers and artists can be seen at landscape prints


St. George Island Grass Flats

Grass Flats01_small

I find the tidal grass flats in Florida to be extremely peaceful and quite dramatic.  This scene was taken at the Dr. Julian Bruce State Park on St. George Island, Florida on a very cold, clear, Christmas Day.  A full version of the panoramic image is here, part of my Florida Seascapes and Landscapes gallery.  If you are interested in seascapes, here is a link to the topic seascape photos