Monthly Archives: January 2015

Grapes in Wineglass

Grapes in Wineglass_Small

This photo really began by my staring at a bowl of grapes on our countertop.  They were freshly from the refrigerator and glistened with moisture.  I put them in a wineglass and liked the effect.  After that it was experiments with a handheld LED flashlight to get the reflections running through and around the glass.  A full version of the photo is in my still life gallery here.  Still life works of other photographers and artists can been seen at this link – still life prints


New Salsa DVD Trailer – Ka-boom!

Well, I have been quite busy these past few weeks first “video-ing” the instructional details for Salsa, the new offering from our client, Augustine Social Dance.  After filming there is the matter of editing fifteen instructional patterns, each about 6 minutes long, and then polishing up the “films” of the three demonstration dances.  Along the way we took new cover photos of the instructors, and created a DVD jewel case insert and back panel, plus a printable DVD label.  There was even some time for this, an extremely fun to produce trailer announcing the new DVD.  It was an opportunity to learn quite a lot about green and blue screen inserts, and sound effects.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sand Angel

SIngle Shell_Small

A bit of my excursion into minimalism while on our St. George Island Florida photo trip.  The shell was cast up by the wave and tide action during a three-day winter storm.  The sand pattern made when the water move back out to the Gulf made me think of snow angels that kids like to make, thus I named this one Sand Angel.  It has been featured in Lyric Lucas’ minimalism photo group here.  If you are a fan of minimalism you will really like Lyric’s group images.  A full version of Sand Angel is here.