Intermediate Tango

Videography is taking my attention more and more these days.  If the reader looks back in the posts on my blog, you’ll recall when I switched from Pentax to Nikon, primarily for still photography.  However, backup and b-roll work were on the criteria list so I have had a chance to do my first bit of testing with the Nikon D3300.  First lesson was … when using the built in mic the result contains a lot of lens mechanism noise.  However, on second test that may have been my unfamiliarity with the focus following technique … I think I was trying to re-initialize the lens focus too often.  Second test with a Sony bluetooth mic on talent was quite successful, and the third test using the camera’s mic but with camera on tripod in low light conditions was much success.  So much so that I will try to switch exclusively to the Nikon for our upcoming Salsa lesson DVD filming.

Meanwhile, here is the latest short we did at the end of November’s intermediate Tango classes.


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