Experimental Video

Ozello Pan SMALL

I have an experimental video on youtube of this photo.  The video is here.

The camera slowly pans across the image, and the background music tries to set the mood of a hot humid summer day as a storm builds in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Generally I like the effect, but I did notice that the resolution of the photo is reduce as I Ken Burns’d the zooms.  I guess they would have been better done in camera.  Otherwise, an interesting step I think.

Later note: in fixing the transitions for the long pan, I inadvertently hosed up the time of the closing credits.  I’ll leave it alone as there is no way to replace a youtube video that I know of, just a remove and add new.  Part of it is the “helpfulness” of iMovie 11.  I do not use the iMovie 11 Mavericks update as it makes it next to impossible for me to create the kind of film flow I want.  So I backed down to the iMovie 11 update and got bolixed up with changing the time on the closing fade to black. Oh well …


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