Florida Images

As many know, I live in Florida.  We moved here in the days when Florida was the second largest cattle ranching state in the continental US, and the first or second in citrus production.  Freezes in the 1980s sent a lot of citrus growers away from the central and more northern areas of the state, and Disney pretty much doomed the open ranch land of central and northern Florida.  My state undoubtedly is the leader in over-55 winter residents who delight in telling us how backward we are.  As a former Florida governor said, ‘We want to thank the Yankees for coming down and keeping Florida green.’

With those statements you pretty much know what my sentiment is … like other visual craftsmen and women, I want to record the beauty of this state as much as I possibly can.  I have a new video promoting some of my Florida work which you can view here.

As always, the link to my full image collection is here.

And, if you are interested in the work of other visual artists and photographers covering Florida images, this might be a good link to check: florida prints


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