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AS Panorama 4600x4800 B&W_small

Cloud formations impress me, but then I am perhaps easily impressed.  This is a very dramatic formation of altostratus clouds heralding the arrival of a cold front in Florida.  I have the image both in color and in B&W — both are dramatic — but I like the impact of this one best.  It scales to a very large print — 23×24 at 200 dpi, or nearly 2 feet x 2 feet if you like the poster effect of 100 dpi.  See the full image in my gallery here.


Experimental Video

Ozello Pan SMALL

I have an experimental video on youtube of this photo.  The video is here.

The camera slowly pans across the image, and the background music tries to set the mood of a hot humid summer day as a storm builds in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Generally I like the effect, but I did notice that the resolution of the photo is reduce as I Ken Burns’d the zooms.  I guess they would have been better done in camera.  Otherwise, an interesting step I think.

Later note: in fixing the transitions for the long pan, I inadvertently hosed up the time of the closing credits.  I’ll leave it alone as there is no way to replace a youtube video that I know of, just a remove and add new.  Part of it is the “helpfulness” of iMovie 11.  I do not use the iMovie 11 Mavericks update as it makes it next to impossible for me to create the kind of film flow I want.  So I backed down to the iMovie 11 update and got bolixed up with changing the time on the closing fade to black. Oh well …

Florida Images

As many know, I live in Florida.  We moved here in the days when Florida was the second largest cattle ranching state in the continental US, and the first or second in citrus production.  Freezes in the 1980s sent a lot of citrus growers away from the central and more northern areas of the state, and Disney pretty much doomed the open ranch land of central and northern Florida.  My state undoubtedly is the leader in over-55 winter residents who delight in telling us how backward we are.  As a former Florida governor said, ‘We want to thank the Yankees for coming down and keeping Florida green.’

With those statements you pretty much know what my sentiment is … like other visual craftsmen and women, I want to record the beauty of this state as much as I possibly can.  I have a new video promoting some of my Florida work which you can view here.

As always, the link to my full image collection is here.

And, if you are interested in the work of other visual artists and photographers covering Florida images, this might be a good link to check: florida prints

Grasses at Rainbow Springs, FL

Grasses at RainbowSpringsHD_small

It has been awhile since my last post.  Some bad weather, plus taking care of some routine although time consuming medical appointments has pretty much negated any camera work lately.  The dance instruction DVD business side of the operation is also picking up steam taking my mind away from still images quite a bit.  I did venture into portrait photography with better results than I have ever achieved in the past.

While organizing my files I found this photo taken in June, 2014.  Its actually a series of three bracketed exposures which are merged to produce the enhanced tonal range you see.  The composition fascinated me with its horizontal bands which in turn played off against the random lines of the foreground and even back ground trees.   At any rate, its a photo I especially like.  The full sized version is here,  located in my Florida Color Landscapes and Seascapes gallery.

Koi and Water Lily – free download

Koi & Water Lily 450x600

Here is a 450×900 image that you can open and download by copying the result from your display (see my previous post “Fall Poplar Leaf” for how I make those downloads).  A full version can be seen here.  I think I will crop the upper right quadrant of this image and make a new one, just of the water lily.  So don’t be surprised if parts of this image show up again.  Meanwhile, when the hit level for the post reaches a high enough number I will be able to move my entire gallery into this sort of method at full size.  Thanks everyone.

Mystic Mountain – Hubble Space Telescope Image

Mystic Mountain Carina Neb_Small

This is the image of the Carina Nebula, nicknamed the Mystic Mountain, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  I have enhanced the tonal range and resized the image to print a spectacular 16 x 20.  You can view the entire large image here.  The image is part of my Science and Technology gallery in which I crop, resize, and tonally enhance NASA photography to turn it into astounding wall art.  You might want to check out the full gallery here.  I have placed there some of the NASA science photographs that I find most awe inspiring.  The work of other photographer/artists in the NASA, space, and stellar image work can be found at this link space photos.