Free Dance Lessons


I have often touted (yes, touted) the fact that West Florida Video Arts’ primary business is selling ballroom dance instructional DVDs for the beginner and continuing beginner (aka intermediate) level *social* dancer.  We do not try to turn anyone into a competition level dancer.

But do you know that the Augustines (John & Kathy, our instructors) offer some lessons free on their youtube channel?  First, here is a link to John Augustines youtube channel.  Now by searching down that channel you will find some promotional material for our DVDs … and I think some of them are fun to watch, such as this one.

By digging a little further you will find quite a number of free lessons, either in the QuickTip series of posts, or the Seabreeze Sessions posts, or even some others.  Here is a good example of a FREE lesson, this one relating to West Coast Swing.

So check out the videos … once we reach a respectable volume of hits per day on the videos we can begin to film more lessons to put in the free category.


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