Fall Poplar Leaf – free download

White Poplar Leaf_900x1200

I’m posting this as something of an experiment.  If I can get sufficient hits on this image, I will post my full catalog at half size, as this one is, for downloading.  It all depends on the number of hits on this page, so help me out here and share the page link with your friends, social media, whatever.  We’ll see if there is an interest in free photographic art download of reasonable size.

This is a 900 x 1200 image which you may download by clicking on the image and then copying the result to your computer.  I use a Mac and my action would be cntrl-option-click and then select ‘save image to downloads.’  You’ll have to figure out what the equivalent is in the PC world.   Either way you should end up with the 900×1200 pixel image.

I like the limited tonal range of the white poplar leaf, as its next stop in Fall color transformation is basically a dried out yellow look.  This one was captured doing the best it can to keep up with the oaks and maples.


One thought on “Fall Poplar Leaf – free download

  1. westfloridavideoarts Post author

    OK, we are improving in terms of hits, but we need to do better for me to post full sized photos to download for free. I am posting another medium-ish download, Koi and Water Lily in the hopes that it will generate more interest.


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