Jingle Bells … and all that fun stuff.

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Just want to remind everyone that our primary business is producing ballroom dance instructional DVDs — and yes, our instructions are for the beginner and introductory intermediate level dancer.  We want you to feel comfortable as a *social* dancer, and are not trying to teach competition level dancing.

If you expect to attend a holiday party this year, and would like just a little dance lesson in your own home before you go, try our Rumba DVD and concentrate on the first five lessons … you will be able to get a basic capability to enjoy this social activity.

If you expect the party to be more lively, do the same thing with our East Coast Swing DVD … the first five easy lessons will give you the basic, easy to learn skills you need for this dance which fits with pop music quite nicely.

Plus – our dance instruction DVDs make an excellent small gift for the holidays.

To purchase a DVD please click here.


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