What is a landscape “about”?

Rawlings Homestead_Small

Lately I have been thinking what is a landscape photo is “about?”  Oh, one might say “the beach”, “the woods”, the canyon, a mountain, or whatever the usual subject is.  I don’t think that is all there is to it.  I think the landscape photographer has to try to get at the ‘mood’ of a locale.  In my photo above, from my Florida Black & White Landscapes gallery, I captured the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings home in Cross Creek Florida from the rear yard, rather than the more conventional front view.  By the way this photo is a stitched panorama which few folks do anymore because of the difficulty of keeping exposure exactly the same among multiple image “takes.”  I chose the rear view to depict the self-sufficient nature of what is more or less a latter day plantation, a settlement that tried very hard to be as self-sustaining as possible.  I may go back with more updated gear and expand the image above to include the barn just outside the frame at the right.  There is also a small surprise for those who have not visited this site, now a Florida State Park … Rawlings car, in the carport, just as she left it.  Take a look at the large image in the gallery at the link above.


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