Dawn over Apalachicola Bay

Dawn Appalach BayDawn Appalach Bay_Small

A favorite image technically a seascape I suppose but I think it works some as a minimalist image.  Please take a look at the larger version.  By the way, this a copy of this photo is mounted on our home dining room wall.

I enjoy photographing my home state, Florida, and have a number of landscape and seascape images here.  Please take a look.

Other artists and photographers have the same interest.  Check out some of there work at florida photos.

UPDATE — One of the things I truly love about this little “hobby” of mine is the chance to learn new techniques.  The challenge I faced in the photograph above was to render the deep red of the sunrise while at the same time show the interior lighting of the foreground restaurant on the print version.  The restaurant lighting was originally visible only in backlit versions such as those we see on our computer.  I had settled on a print version of the image which overexposed the background and sky in order to see the restaurant.  I believe my new version at the left renders the scene in print much more closely to the original image.


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