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A congregation of seabirds

Seabirds Congregating_small

Another Tampa Bay photo, this of an interesting group of seabirds working the southern bay shoreline.  A high wind kept them lined up in the same direction and all I thought of was a church congregation.  This one is also in the “panavision” aspect ratio to include all the birds, and scales up to 7 x 16 inches if I recall.  The full version can be seen here.  As always, visiting the gallery site and clicking on my images is a great help in moving my photographs higher in the visibility chain, so any help you can give in looking at the gallery is appreciated.


Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Sunshine Skyway Bridge_small

I have just uploaded this photo to my gallery Florida Color Landscapes and Seascapes.  It is a small “Panavision aspect” photo at 700 x 1600 pixels in this gallery.  This is the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge which replaced the old dual structure bridge after it was struck by the freighter Capricorn and one side collapsed.  The photo demonstrates the architectural beauty of the new structure in strong sunlight.

Free Dance Lessons


I have often touted (yes, touted) the fact that West Florida Video Arts’ primary business is selling ballroom dance instructional DVDs for the beginner and continuing beginner (aka intermediate) level *social* dancer.  We do not try to turn anyone into a competition level dancer.

But do you know that the Augustines (John & Kathy, our instructors) offer some lessons free on their youtube channel?  First, here is a link to John Augustines youtube channel.  Now by searching down that channel you will find some promotional material for our DVDs … and I think some of them are fun to watch, such as this one.

By digging a little further you will find quite a number of free lessons, either in the QuickTip series of posts, or the Seabreeze Sessions posts, or even some others.  Here is a good example of a FREE lesson, this one relating to West Coast Swing.

So check out the videos … once we reach a respectable volume of hits per day on the videos we can begin to film more lessons to put in the free category.

Fall Poplar Leaf – free download

White Poplar Leaf_900x1200

I’m posting this as something of an experiment.  If I can get sufficient hits on this image, I will post my full catalog at half size, as this one is, for downloading.  It all depends on the number of hits on this page, so help me out here and share the page link with your friends, social media, whatever.  We’ll see if there is an interest in free photographic art download of reasonable size.

This is a 900 x 1200 image which you may download by clicking on the image and then copying the result to your computer.  I use a Mac and my action would be cntrl-option-click and then select ‘save image to downloads.’  You’ll have to figure out what the equivalent is in the PC world.   Either way you should end up with the 900×1200 pixel image.

I like the limited tonal range of the white poplar leaf, as its next stop in Fall color transformation is basically a dried out yellow look.  This one was captured doing the best it can to keep up with the oaks and maples.

Swamp Rabbit Railroad


This photo was taken in the Fall 2006 and at this time the ‘steel rails still hadn’t heard the news.’  These are actual tracks of the Greenville and Northern RR, better known as the Swamp Rabbit, which had been abandoned and was soon to be targeted for conversion to some sort of recreational trail – whether hiking, biking, motorized tram, or multi use.  A good discussion of the Swamprabbit line is here.  The railroad ran from Greenville, SC to a spot just north of Travelers Rest, SC.  This photo was taken in Travelers Rest.  And to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie – ‘this train had the disappearing’ railroad blues.’

I titled the image “Time Tunnel” not only because the old rails in a sense look back in time, but because of the unusual way trimming and growth had created a tunnel shape in the trees which led to the single tree in its fall colors.  A full version of my photo, “Time Tunnel” can be found in my gallery here.

Jingle Bells … and all that fun stuff.

DVD_List  DVD_List_pg2

Just want to remind everyone that our primary business is producing ballroom dance instructional DVDs — and yes, our instructions are for the beginner and introductory intermediate level dancer.  We want you to feel comfortable as a *social* dancer, and are not trying to teach competition level dancing.

If you expect to attend a holiday party this year, and would like just a little dance lesson in your own home before you go, try our Rumba DVD and concentrate on the first five lessons … you will be able to get a basic capability to enjoy this social activity.

If you expect the party to be more lively, do the same thing with our East Coast Swing DVD … the first five easy lessons will give you the basic, easy to learn skills you need for this dance which fits with pop music quite nicely.

Plus – our dance instruction DVDs make an excellent small gift for the holidays.

To purchase a DVD please click here.