Oak at Dawn – Featured in Minimalism group gallery

OAK Small It has been awhile since I posted.  We can blame Apple and the stubborn-ness of their “improvements” in Max OS X 10.9.4.  For my video business they “improved” iMovie to the point that I cannot tell if it will work for me or not, but it is causing me grief with production files.  And of course I had to crib iDvD for production purposes from the older OS.   For still photography line, the fight is between iPhoto which I do not use, and Photoshop with I do.   It is becoming clear to me that Apple is not interested in producing production equipment, preferring the consumer whiz-bang gotta-have-the-latest approach.

Nevertheless I chanced upon this scene during my morning walk, and thought it would be nice enough to post for a few days.  Larger image can be seen here.  It was selected as a featured item in the Minimalism interest group, and their images can be seen by clicking here.  While I am merely a hobbiest, the administrator of this group, Lyric Lucas, is a superb artist and I invite you to examine her works at this link.  Thanks everyone!


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