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Still Learning

Time passes — things get learned.

I have the updated Mac working remarkably well considering how things started.  The only remaining issues are just a few related to the video production part of the business.  I do have this to say to Apple —  “No, that wasn’t intuitively easy; in fact I had to make great use of the great advantage of internet postings: learning from others who had the same problem.”

Along the way I found I have a new website.  Have a look at this link.

And for those of us who used Quicken 2005 (the old one which ran under Rosetta because it was coded for the PPC chip) and didn’t want to change because we had a lot of personal and small business records in Quicken going back many years and their reporting worked just fine — Intuit does have a solution which isn’t totally obvious from searching their website.  Quicken 2007 had been updated to run on the post Snow Leopard Mac computers – Check this intuit page.


Oak at Dawn – Featured in Minimalism group gallery

OAK Small It has been awhile since I posted.  We can blame Apple and the stubborn-ness of their “improvements” in Max OS X 10.9.4.  For my video business they “improved” iMovie to the point that I cannot tell if it will work for me or not, but it is causing me grief with production files.  And of course I had to crib iDvD for production purposes from the older OS.   For still photography line, the fight is between iPhoto which I do not use, and Photoshop with I do.   It is becoming clear to me that Apple is not interested in producing production equipment, preferring the consumer whiz-bang gotta-have-the-latest approach.

Nevertheless I chanced upon this scene during my morning walk, and thought it would be nice enough to post for a few days.  Larger image can be seen here.  It was selected as a featured item in the Minimalism interest group, and their images can be seen by clicking here.  While I am merely a hobbiest, the administrator of this group, Lyric Lucas, is a superb artist and I invite you to examine her works at this link.  Thanks everyone!

Blue Ridge Vista

Blue Ridge Vista Small

This is a very interesting photograph … the eye is caught between the large boulder in the foreground and tracing the line of the Blue RIdge Parkway as it winds along the ridge moving from middle ground to background.  Needs to be displayed as large as possible.  Larger version for inspection here.

Reedy River Falls

Reedy River Falls Small

One of the best executed urban renewal projects I have ever witnessed was that of the Greenville, SC, mill district along the Reedy River.  This photo was taken at the public park area near the falls portion as it goes through central Greenville.  The full sized version can be seen here.  From a photographic standpoint, I am experimenting with a different aspect ratio, in this case equivalent to 17 x 40 inches, that emulates Panavision or Cinemascope.  I like the results and will try the same aspect in future landscapes (I have a couple of sites in mind but am just waiting for the clouds to be attractive — one of the strange things landscape photographers have to wait for).

Autumn Flame


This is a false color image of a leaf but I thought it captured two things — the coming fall season, and the sense that the heart shaped leaf, upside down, looked like a candle flame to me. A larger version can be seen on my Fine Art America webpages here.  If you view it on Fine Art America and like it or care to comment on it while you are on that site, it does help me, so — thanks in advance.