A fascination with doors

Barn Door Small

I have been speculating about my fascination with doors … I have several, the one above is a barn door from Brattonsville, SC … the site where SONY pictures shot much of “The Patriot.”  A larger version is in my architectural photo gallery here along with other doors of fascination to me.

I’ll leave it to the psychologists to prattle on about the reason for my fascination, but remind that that Karl Jung pointed out that to correctly interpret they would need to have read and seen everything I had read and seen.

The photograph was an exercise in depicting the texture of the rough hewn lumber, and with the hard lighting I think that was successful.  There may also be an overtone of taking the mind through the door and into a simpler life when our country was new.  At any rate this would be an excellent image, along with the split rail fence I have in the black and white landscapes gallery here, for a vacation log cabin.


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