An exercise in perspective


This one didn’t work, but I think the idea was sound.  The photo was produced using a technique to enhance its dynamic range (Photomatrix), and to remove as much of the housing development in the background as possible.  I think the idea was sound … to show the perspective lines of the receding trees.  As neat and interesting as that might be, there seems to be no reason for the viewer to look at the photo … I think that’s a paraphrase of one of Ansel Adam’s quotes about landscapes … that the photographer had to provide a reason for someone to look at the landscape photo … something to draw the eye.  Here the eye follows the perspective lines into the distance and stays there.  As Thomas Edison might have said, now I now one more thing that didn’t work.

As always, if you like, have a look at my photo galleries here.  And it would help if you shared a link to any of the photos you like.  Thanks.


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