Oh, one more thing …

As you might have guessed, I have been involved in photography on an advanced amateur basis for nearly 40 years.  I belong to a group called “Old Masters” — not because we are that good, but many are.  The name plays on our ages.  Take a look at our photos here.  As always if you see one you like and can buy a print, please do so … if you see one you think is really nice, please share the link on your social media.  Thanks.

My favorite CEO, Steve Jobs, was known to end his product announcements with “Oh, one more thing… .”  This time I have “one more thing.”

My initial tests of the new Nikon show detail that truly amazes me.  But so far, I have only been able to work in jpeg format … because the D3300’s NEF format is apparently only supported by software (from Nikon, Adobe, and 3rd parties) which runs on a version of the Mac OS that I do not have.  In fact its one that if I upgrade, I lose some capability for other computer things I do which are necessary for my business among other things.  So I am stymied on using this raw format at the moment.

I tend to forget that we really don’t have cameras any more … we have handheld computers and the issue of compatibility with other software is important.  Its exactly like buying a new 35mm film camera and finding out it must use 40mm film and nothing you have in your refrigerator (remember, that’s where we kept film) will work.

Interesting world we live in.


2 thoughts on “Oh, one more thing …

  1. westfloridavideoarts Post author

    Darktable, a linux open source piece of software, works against the NEF files on this operating system with much speed. I don’t know why Nikon and Adobe have abandoned those of us on Snow Leopard who need the Rosetta software.

  2. westfloridavideoarts Post author

    I have found a product that deals with the D3300 NEF editing quite nicely on Mac OS 10.6.8 — Iridient Developer. I have used the test version and find it works beautifully. I am only concerned with the added cost at the moment.


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