Surviving Religious Wars

As promised this is my fifth and last blog entry relating to the selection of replacement gear.   Before I begin, whether one believes photographers are fine artists, or merely craft artists, I would like you to take a look at some images from this group, the Artistic Photographer.  As always if you see an image you like and can buy it, please do … but at the minimum if you see an image you like, share it on your social media account(s).  It will be a big help to us.

I had eliminated point and shoots because of their small hand “feel”, and I eliminated some other manufacturers because of cost or because they were not big market players and therefore the availability of things like lenses was limited.  That left me with Canon or Nikon, and I went looking for comparative reports.

Did I ever step into a hornets nest.  It was like a religious war.  One side chanting “I believe in the manufacturer Canon, maker of the best cameras on earth” while the other chanted the same words but substituted Nikon.  I was stumped.  Each time I would find a deficiency reported, I would go to that camera’s owners’ manual and find the feature really was there.  What?

I found reports about the superior video of Canon (my company is a video company, and to be able to use my DSLR for b-roll work was a good thing) and believed it because I use a Canon camcorder already, but then would go to another report which definitively said the negative.  I ended up going to a camera store and trying each out.

I ended up selecting Nikon because of the larger sensor AND because the lens would accommodate my array of filters and attachments … I’m sure Canon would have been just as good a choice.  On the advice of a professional photographer, I selected the Nikon D3300 but am buying a couple of upgraded lenses for it.  So …

stayed tuned for my first test photos.


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