Raindrops on roses …

… and spots on my sensor.  Well it could have been sung that way.

Before I go into this, the third in my journey to DSLR replacement, let me introduce a group of photographers and artists who work with landscapes (the images, not necessarily the orientation of the print or picture).  I work with this fine group … if you find any of our efforts you would like to buy, please do so, but equally as important is to share an image or link you like with your friends on any of the popular social media.  The landscape images can be found by clicking here.

But I was talking about sensor problems, tongue in cheek.  I meant that in the film days we worried about a bit of dust in the transport mechanism, but in general were more worried about dust on the lens itself.  Today we have to worry about whether the dust in on the mirror, sensor, or lens … in my view a more complicated problem than it was not that many years ago.  (I confess to keeping a medium format film camera around in case all the digital stuff goes away – hah).

With the prevalence of good (not especially great perhaps) 18 to 200 or so mm lenses, it would seem that the manufacturers are asking us NOT to change lenses ,,, so maybe the changeable lens DSLR is a dinosaur.  That meant to me I should look for features in a point and shoot.

I did find at least one line that seemed to have what I was looking for, including a jack for an external mic for video sound quality, but in the end the ever shrinking form factor I wrote about earlier reared its head … my hands are just not made to work tiny controls, with tiny screens, on tiny cameras.  My camcorder comes with a little plastic pick so that I can clumsily use its menu system, and I did not want that in my DSLR.

So for me … the whole P&S line was discarded … even though I use a Canon Powershot A1400 to do preliminary scouting work and to make the occasional off-the-cuff videos.

Next time I’ll talk about whether size matters — sensor size, silly!


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