In case of fire …

Remember the signs in elevators which read “In case of fire, use stairs”?  I recall some wags in one company where I worked scratched out the word “stairs” and wrote in pencil “fire extinguisher.” Presumably their theory was that stairs cannot put out a fire.

But their point sort of works with the first problem I faced in selecting new equipment.  When I see a scene I would like to photograph, I don’t instinctively pick up a telephone, just as when I want to call someone I’ve hardly ever picked up a camera.  Yet today, the two worlds are merging and in fact have merged.

This has led to camera manufacturers chasing the “how small can I make it” form factor, and at the same time substituting internal electronics and software for the old fashioned hand controls of the camera.  Who remembers the rule of thumb ‘sunny day, 1/film speed” and in fact does anyone today have any idea what that meant to us?

So decision one meant I wanted to find a camera that allowed me the maximum amount of creative control without a terribly messy interface of nested screen menus.

As those of you who read this blog know, I am a Floridian.  I love this state, and am saddened by the wholesale destruction of its natural beauty under the bulldozer blade of developers.  Others paint, or photograph aspects of Florida … here is a link to some of their images.


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