Meanwhile, back at the mo-tel …

Its time to upgrade my digital single lens reflex.  I have used Pentax for many years, in fact getting started with Pentax when it was owned by my employer Honeywell (we wanted the imaging technology for star-trackers).  That is long past, but with an investment in lenses and accessories that were targeted to the Pentax line, I stayed with the Pentax brand.  As you probably know, Pentax went more or less independent, and didn’t do too well, then merged with Hoya whom you may know from their photographic filters line … and has been fairly recently purchased by Ricoh.  I personally think Ricoh will turn Pentax back into a cutting edge digital imaging product, but its time for me to move over to one of the two leaders: Nikon or Canon.  I’ll tell you which and why in a later post.

In the meantime, there are many of us ranging from serious hobbiests to small business people trying to make the occasional sale or two in the photographic arts line.  I’m going to share the various groups I work with on this blog over the next few posts, but let me start by asking you to take a look at my gallery.  Comment, share, or like as you wish … but it all helps a lot.  Thanks.

Click here for my gallery.


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