So what do you hang on your walls?

I had someone actually ask this question of me … and I am almost quoting literally.  So its a fair question … I take a lot of photos, and put a few on my sales site … which ones do we have on our walls — outside of my studio where I have a work board of recent photographs.

The answer today is three:  Cracker Cabin because the print appears almost three dimensional, Windmark Beach because the scene is so reminiscent of paintings done by the Florida Highwaymen, and Bridge House because we love the way the railroad ties lead the viewer into the photo itself.

I should add that there is two others that we are trying to find space for: All’s Right With the World, and Port St. Joe Beach.  We want large format versions of them and need to do some rearranging.

And we have a room full of all the Florida lighthouse photos I have taken.  Fits the decor and our membership in the Florida Lighthouse Association.

I’ll periodically update this list as we find more wall space for a few more favorites … and answer the question I’m sure someone will ask again.


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