Photography as art

These days anyone with a decent cell phone can take some fairly detailed photographs, although from a subject matter standpoint I would say they are mostly in the category of snapshots.  Cell phones as cameras are superior to the DSLRs I used just a few years ago.

Using a digital camera of any sort, cellphone, point-and-shoot, or true single lens reflex, a photographer can take a decently composed and even interesting image … sharp, focused, one that engages the eye in movement.

It seems to me though that photography as art needs to engage the mind as well as the eye.  The artist photographer needs to see the image, understand the emotion the image elicits, and comprehend the set of perceptions that image might ignite.

I introduced you earlier to a photographer-artist I find interesting, Lyric Lucas.  Now let me introduce another, Lenore Senior.  Lenore works in several mediums (or would that be ‘media’ to my former Latin teacher, rest her soul)  including photography.  I am especially fond of her abstract work.  But take a look at her galleries.  I think you will find them interesting.


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